Server Consulting

Cnetcurity Inc. is a group of knowledgeable and trustworthy server specialists who will pay close attention to what you have to say, work efficiently, and be there for you when you need us. We are professionals in database administration, performance optimization, and system management. We deliver complete Server solutions through a knowledge of corporate objectives and efficient project management.
    • Deliver complete solutions with a detail-oriented focus.
    • Understand your business and technology needs.
    • Use our valuable project management experience to ensure success for any size task.
    • Extensive knowledge in integrating multiple sets of tools.
    • Expertise with the latest technologies and standards.
    • Ability to optimize databases that range from megabytes to terabytes.
    • Trusted by customers across the United States

Workstation Consulting

Every business needs the appropriate technology to make sure that its IT infrastructure is effective and optimized. Achieving this requires an experienced consultant such as Cnetcurity Inc, who will:
    • Balance cost and quality
    • Remain objective
    • Care about your long-term success.
    • Work together with top hardware and software producers
    • Manage every aspect of your procurement, from advice to product delivery.
    • Provide installation, configuration, and ongoing maintenance.
Pre-purchase consultation, in our opinion, is a crucial success component in creating and upholding your company’s system environment. Through consulting, we gain a better understanding of the technological requirements and corporate objectives of our clients and assist them in navigating any applicable approval procedures for their purchase requests. We can collaborate on a solution that not only offers a solid value proposition but also avoids purchasing traps that can burden, delay, introduce incompatibilities, or incur additional costs when communication and planning are lacking due to our shared understanding and relationship.