Cnetcurity Inc. understands it is very important that you make informed decisions when purchasing a new computer system. We can help you make these choices. We are confident that the more informed you are, the more you see that many online computer retailers simply do not take the time to correctly configure a system for your needs.
  • Evaluate your organization and its needs in order to build the strongest, most efficient network, piece by piece, computer to computer.
  • Configure each workstation for maximum performance within your network.
  • Provide continuous surveillance of each workstation for threats and slowdown.
  • Install updates and antivirus protection remotely.
  • Flexible computer maintenance scheduling to avoid disrupting your workflow.

We strongly believe that pre-purchase consultation is a key success factor in building and maintaining your business system environment. Through consultation we achieve an increased awareness of our customers’ technology needs and business goals and help to navigate the various approval processes that may apply to your purchase request.  This understanding and relationship allows us to work together on a solution that not only represents a good value proposition, but also avoids purchasing pitfalls that can burden, delay, introduce incompatibilities or create additional costs when communication and planning are lacking.

Every company requires the right technology to ensure that its IT infrastructure is optimized and functional. You need a consultant who is unbiased, cares about your long-term success, has strong vendor relationships, and will balance cost and quality. We collaborate with industry-leading hardware and software manufacturers to handle your entire procurement process, from consultation to product delivery. We’ll even help you with configuration, installation, and ongoing support.